April 18, 2015

Mother's Day Shopping: Kate Spade Sale

Sorry for my absence on the blog this week. I have been busy with job hunting and catching up on classes after surgery. Oh, and of course, I was having some pain in my foot, went in to student health, and found out my surgery site had gotten infected! No worries, it looks like the meds are working and I am being diligent about the care right now, but it's never good to get a surgery site infected. On that note, if you ever feel some pain in the region of a surgery site, get it checked out. I almost didn't go to Student Health about it and I am so glad that I ended up doing so because I don't want to know what would have happened if I hadn't gone.
Onto happier subjects, my bed rest has allowed plenty of time for me to scour the internet for some of my favorite new summer pieces. I have so many items to share with y'all so check back throughout the week. To be honest, I have resisted most shoe shopping though, since I am pretty restricted after surgery, but I do have a post about them coming out. One sale that caught me by surprise, in a very pleasant way, was the Kate Spade Friends and Family Sale! I love when this site has sales because her items are so cute and 25% off is a great deal...especially if you're still looking for a present for Momma! Here are some of my favorite pieces from this sale to shop. One thing that I do want to mention is that they have changed the clasp on watches so that it is still a butterfly clasp, but it has side release, so it is less likely to just pop off randomly!
watch // purse
earrings // shoes
tote // phone case
What are your favorite pieces from this sale?

Happy Shopping!

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