April 20, 2015

Happy Feet: Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks are the new Jack Rogers. Okay, that might not be totally true, but it is for me right now. Given all the foot issues I've been having (for basically my whole life) I really need to start trying to wear more practical shoes, especially as I recover from surgery. At the end of last summer, my platinum Jacks finally broke and I just assumed I'd get a new pair this summer, instead, I ended up with a pair of platinum Birkenstocks.
When I first had to start wearing Birkenstocks in 2nd grade, they were not cool, there were not a lot of styles for girls, and I was pretty bitter about having to wear them. Today, I really can't complain because there are some pretty cute Birkenstocks out there. If you are allowed to wear sandals to your summer job (i.e. retail) I would highly recommend these because they are so supportive, unlike almost all other pairs of sandals.
I featured a couple of my favorite pairs here on the blog, but there are tons of options and each style comes in a bunch of different styles. I just got a pair on Amazon with Prime shipping, which was great. Zappos also has them, as does their website, so you can usually find your size and ideal style through one of those avenues.
shop the set here

Happy shopping for happy feet...seriously, so comfy.


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