March 27, 2015

Friday Five: The Lilly for Target Look Book

Spring has (sort of) sprung. Yesterday I was pretty convinced it was here to stay, but with all the rain that we're getting right now and a high around 50, I am a little bummed. The weather did inspire a couple of purchases at Home Goods yesterday to prep my apartment a little more for this new season. There are new placemats, tea towels, and a wreath, as well as some fresh flowers brightening the place now. Now, if only we could get that beautiful weather to make some more regular appearances.

I will be totally honest here, I had my doubts about this. I wasn't sure how I feel about Target hosting a Lilly collection, but after seeing their house collection, I am so excited. Take a look at everything they have to offer and you can even favorite items. My guess is favoriting items will make them easier to shop come April 19th. I am seriously loving the pineapple serving tray.

Before I tell you that you have to make one, I should disclose that I picked one up at Home Goods for $20 yesterday, so if you don't want to make one, check out your local store. Obviously, each store has their own inventory, but who doesn't love a trip to Home Goods (I'll bet you find something else you like). However, if you are feeling creative, this easy tutorial will get your front door ready for Spring!

Three: Sorry J. Crew
J. Crew is going to go back to its roots. I am sure everyone has noticed that their style has changed over the last couple of years, and apparently it hasn't been great for business. Personally, I can always find something I love at the store, but I am interested to see how this rebranding helps them going forward. 

Four: Girl Crush
This song has been getting a lot of flack lately and I don't really understand where the confusion is. I absolutely love it and think it's a really interesting take on a jealousy song. The Washington Post wrote a really good article about the song's reception too.

Oh my gosh, I want to try this recipe out. I currently have a bunch of guac already, but I think I am going to have to make this next. The colors are beautiful and pineapple is in season right now so it could not be a more perfectly timed recipe.


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