March 26, 2015

Allergy-Friendly Flowers

OH, it feels like Spring! The morning started off so cold and rainy, but it has blossomed into a beautiful day. Speaking of blossoms, today's post is all about spring flowers. I absolutely love having fresh flowers in my apartment. I have my fair share of fake flowers (I'm looking at you fireplace hydrangeas), but I love browsing Trader Joe's for flowers whenever I go there. I have found them to always be reasonably priced and their flowers last a pretty long time. Of course, when the Farmer's Market opens next week, I will definitely be hitting that up too.
When I buy flowers I always have to be careful to buy ones that aren't total pollen producers. My dad sent me a beautiful bouquet for Valentine's Day, but one of the flowers totally triggered my allergies. I kept sneezing every time I walked into the kitchen, but it wasn't unbearable. That being said, I definitely did not put those flowers in my room. I am very careful about having flowers in my room because it is no fun to wake up with a scratchy throat. Since I have had that issue a couple of times, I made a list of flowers I can and cannot have in my apartment based on various recommendations and articles. Of course, all of this is relative. I know many people who can't have any fresh flowers in their apartment without having their allergies flare up. Oh, and daffodils are $1.49 for 10 Stems at Trader Joe's right now!

Allergy-Friendly Flowers:
Lilies (if you remove the anther!!!)

Stay away from:
One last tip: If you want to keep fresh flowers in your room, consider putting them somewhere other than your nightstand, at least while you sleep. I keep mine on my coffee table because that way I am not overly exposed to the pollen all night!
What are your favorite fresh flowers?


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