March 22, 2015

Biker Chick or Uptown Punk?

I can't believe college is winding down right now and everything seems to have a "last" or "post-grad" link to it somehow. I would feel more ready for graduation if I had some sort of a job offer (hire me, please) lined up, but it's coming down the tracks whether I like it or not.
Last night was my last ever date function and it was a ton of fun. The theme was Uptown Punk, so basically you were supposed to dress either uptown or punk...I think. I really attempted the punk look, but with my leather pants, red lipstick, and SOA t-shirt, I was definitely more prepared for a biker bar than a punk concert. There were some amazing costumes though and people really got into the theme. There were some guys who were totally unrecognizable in their heavy black eyeliner.
While my outfit didn't really fit the theme, I loved it. It gave me an excuse to wear my leather pants again before it becomes to hot out and it also gave me the chance to try out red lipstick! I had never done that before and you can definitely expect a blog post about choosing the right one later this week now that I sort of know how to pick one. For now though, here's the details on how you can recreate my outfit from last night:
find everything here

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