March 9, 2015

Summer-Weight Jewelry

Oh my gosh is Florida the perfect escape from the Virginia cold. We have had amazing weather and seen a couple of great baseball games so I would definitely call it a success thus far. That being said, the heat is a bit overwhelming at times. I mean, I don't wish it was cold or that I don't like having to wear shorts every day, but my body is not used to this heat.
One of the things that this weather has me thinking about is summer-weight accessories. It's not technically a category for accessories, but it should be because there is no way I could wear a big piece of jewelry right now. Aside from the more delicate jewelry being better for tan lines and the heat, I have really just started to prefer the simple jewelry. So, while I sat next to the pool avoiding getting splashed by a college baseball team (and their football that kept getting overthrown in my general direction...) I decided to round up a few of my favorite simple items. One awesome place to get these is via Rocksbox so definitely consider using "sugarsnappearlsxoxo" to get your 1 month free trial. I have barely taken my Gorjana bracelet off since I got it last week!
{all items linked here}
Sorry for rubbing the Florida thing in your face if it's cold where you are...I'm just really loving life right now!


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