February 25, 2015

How To: Styling an Oversized Men's Button-Down

I have a confession: my favorite shirts are men's shirts. Not just any men's shirts though, preferably ones that are a size or two larger than I am. It's an unspoken rule in college that wearing a large shirt over norts is 100% socially acceptable, but sometimes I want to be that comfortable in my cute clothes. My solution to this is wearing men's button-downs. I have a couple of my brothers old ones, both dress shirts and flannels, and constantly wish I had more. The flannels are saved for winter finals or cozy winter nights because there really isn't a way for me to make them super cute, but I love styling the dress shirt hand-me-downs. There are so many different ways to style these shirts and everyone has a different preference. Some people can get away with wearing them without a belt, however since that is my slimmest part of my body, I really prefer to still keep some emphasis on it.
There are plenty of women's stores out there that sell buttondowns for prices that probably exceed what you want to spend on a comfy, casual outfit. TJ Maxx or other discount stores (including thrift stores) will have just as good of a selection in their men's section. If you want the fit to be oversized, you may as well go to the source where that fit is guaranteed.


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